The Best Dog Beach Ever!

WHOLEistically Fit Off Leash Dog Beach Carmel CA 150x150 The Best Dog Beach Ever! But First, Leash Reactivity We love being out and about with Tula. But, one major road block is that she's leash reactive. When we first adopted her, I had no idea what this was or that there was even a name for it. I just knew that when I'd take her for walks on a leash she'd bark her head off and lunge towards other dogs she saw or heard. We've tried our best to help train her to be less leash reactive on own and she's made some significant improvements. Though, it's still an issue. Training Continue Reading [...]

And the Verdict Is…

CrossFit Community 150x150 And the Verdict Is...Thank you to everyone who took the time to share with me their thoughts and experiences on CrossFit via a comment or Facebook. Everyone had really helpful advice and insight and I appreciate it so much. Here's just some of the great advice I was given: 1) Start slow 2) Good coaching is key 3) Work on stretching and mobility before and after workouts 4) Shop around because not all boxes are created equal - if one isn't a fit, try another More Debating [Source] In my To CrossFit Continue Reading [...]

To CrossFit or Not to CrossFit?

origin 44266586411 150x150 To CrossFit or Not to CrossFit?Any of you have Fitness Bucket Lists? I don't technically have one, at least not an "official" one. But, I kind of have one in my head with a few things on it. One was a color run, which I'll be crossing off soon in the Color Me Rad 5k - woohoo! At the very top of my list way above any of the others, though, is Crossfit. [Source] To CrossFit I love lifting weights. I love lifting heavy weights. I love functional workouts. I love ass-kicking workouts and pushing myself to my limits. I'm good at Continue Reading [...]

Color Me Rad 5k With Discount Code!

Color Me Rad 150x150 Color Me Rad 5k With Discount Code![Source] I've never been one for marathons. They just don't appeal to me. The fun runs and obstacle course races that are popping up everywhere these days, though, now those are a different story. Color runs, tough mudders, warrior dashes... the list goes on and they all sound like a frickin' blast! According to this Greatist article, The 21 Most Incredible Themed Races, there's even a Run for Your Lives 5k where you're chased by zombies. How fun would that be for Halloween?! Oh, and there's Continue Reading [...]

I’ve Discovered A Little {Delicious!} Thing Called…

WHOLEistically Fit Raw Chocolate Truffles 150x150 Ive Discovered A Little {Delicious!} Thing Called...Raw Desserts! Raw Chocolate Truffles So I've heard about and seen recipes for raw desserts before but have never given them too much thought. I'm not a raw foodist or vegan or anything like that and the ingredients for the recipes always sound really strange to me. Hazlenut meal? WTH? The other day, though, Julie posted a recipe for raw chocolate truffles. Instead of admiring the photos, looking at the list of ingredients, and writing the recipe off, I decided to actually give it a go. Crazy, Continue Reading [...]

What I’ve Been Up To Lately

origin 5437331304 150x150 What Ive Been Up To LatelyHey everyone! If you come around often, you might've noticed that I haven't been posting as frequently as I used to. I thought I should probably address that a lil' bit by letting you know what I've been up to lately. Here goes... Workin' Hard for the Money First and foremost, I've been working - a lot! I announced a couple of months ago that I started a job as a personal trainer at a gym. The idea was only to work very part-time - no more than 10 hours a week. But, I've found myself Continue Reading [...]

Why You Should Ditch Your Summer Vacation Workout

WHOLEistically Fit Summer Vacation Workout 150x150 Why You Should Ditch Your Summer Vacation WorkoutAny travel plans this summer? My husband and I are taking a trip to Italy at the end of the summer. We're hitting Rome, Florence, and Venice while we're there. Neither of us have been to Italy before so, needless to say, we're super stoked! We love to plan almost as much as we love to travel. Thus, we're in major Italy trip planning mode right now and have already booked a couple of tours that we're really excited about thanks to suggestions from our favorite travel website Continue Reading [...]

Explosive 4th of July Workout

WHOLEistically Fit Explosive 4th of July Workout 150x150 Explosive 4th of July WorkoutFor all my U.S. readers, what are your plans for the 4th? I'm working all morning training clients and then we're heading up to San Francisco for a get-together with some friends. We'll probably head back before the fireworks, though, because we don't want Tula to be home alone when fireworks start going off at night. I don't remember where, but I've heard that fireworks can be really scary for dogs. That seems to be the case for Tula. This week, we've already been hearing some fireworks going Continue Reading [...]

How to Keep Fido Fit During the Dog Days of Summer

WHOLEistically Fit Dog Exercise Summer 150x150 How to Keep Fido Fit During the Dog Days of SummerOMG it has been miserably hot here in the South Bay. We've actually been issued a heat warning that, last I heard, is supposed to go through tomorrow. Just a week of this has me feeling sluggish and a bit less motivated to intentionally heat my body up and sweat by working out (I'm getting enough of that just by walking outside). It's also meant that Tula hasn't been getting in her three walks a day. We typically give her one 10-15 minute walk in the morning, then a longer 20-30 minute walk in Continue Reading [...]

Recipe: Chipotle Grilled Shrimp + Mango Tacos

WHOLEistically Fit Chipotle Grilled Shrim Mango Tacos 2 150x150 Recipe: Chipotle Grilled Shrimp + Mango TacosDish-washers rejoice! Grilling season is here. That means no pots or pans to scrub for the next 3-4 months. Woot! Woot! But, if you’re going to keep your stove and oven burners off, your house nice and cool, and your sink pan-free all summer long, you’re going to have to think outside the bun. Don’t get me wrong, burgers and hot dogs are a grilling season must. But, after BBQ number 2 or 3 your taste buds start craving something new and fresh. Enter grilled shrimp tacos with chipotle Continue Reading [...]