15 Healthy Chip Recipes

You probably won’t hear this from a health/fitness blogger: Indulge every day! Oh, and chips are healthy.

Yesterday, I read a great post by The Daily Dubie entitled, “The #1 Rule of “Indulgement”: Make Your Own Junk Food!”. This idea really resonated with me and my philosophy over here at WHOLEistically Fit. I believe that indulgences are a very important aspect of our WHOLEistic health. I say it over and over again: What good are tight glutes if you’ve got an unhappy heart and mind? Life is meant to be lived! Indulgences are a part of that :).

I almost always have at least one sweet indulgence a day, sometimes two. That typically comes in the form of some sort of dark chocolate and/or fro yo. But, besides that, I also indulge in delicious, often considered “unhealthy” foods on a regular basis. Yep, you read that right. Pizza, pasta, enchiladas, popcorn, hot dogs, hamburgers, fries – these all frequent my kitchen table. None of these foods are off-limits in my household because none of these foods are inherently unhealthy! It’s a matter of the ingredients and cooking methods used to prepare them that makes them “unhealthy” or “healthy”.

In light of this, today we’re talking chips! Potato chips get a really bad rap. We’ve all heard the nasty rumors: potato chips are the devil. They’re highly processed, greasy, fried, and fatty. They’re obesity in a bag and everything that’s wrong with America. (Okay, maybe I’ve taken it a bit too far and am now spreading rumors of my own.) The point is they are seen as a “bad” food. But, what if chips were associated with being a healthy, crunchy, good-for-you, did I mention healthy, snack? Seems weird, right? But, it doesn’t have to be. Chips can be and are healthy, depending on how they’re made. There’s no need to write off these crunchy, delicious snacks in the name of health. Here are 15 healthy chip recipes I’m eyeing on Pinterest that you can indulge in daily if you want ;).

15 Healthy Chip Recipes

1) Garlic Rosemary Baked Sweet Potato Chips from Oh My Veggies

115686284148141175 lU5ikkCy c 15 Healthy Chip Recipes


2) Zesty Baked Tortilla Chips from PBS Parents

265149496782305487 sc0nHScF c 15 Healthy Chip Recipes


3) Crunchy Chili Chickpea Chips from Daily Bites

87186942756705487 1BOWpOXi c 15 Healthy Chip Recipes


4) Baked Plantain Chips 3 Ways from The Sweet Life

58828338853501942 ZKF1z2hq c 15 Healthy Chip Recipes


5) Spiced Roasted Chickpeas from Spice Islands

44895327506328007 Npu3NMr5 c 15 Healthy Chip Recipes


6) Roasted Edamame with Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper from The Kitchn

97742254382844412 bMhSt2uz c 15 Healthy Chip Recipes


7) Chipotle Kale Chips from A Couple Cooked

206532332882886927 IX9jetcQ c 15 Healthy Chip Recipes


8) Crispy Root Vegetable Chips from Gooseberry Mooseberry

117656608985090510 njnzJ9W1 c 15 Healthy Chip Recipes


9) Pita Chips from Crepes of Wrath

22940279321967061 mPpqcx1f c 15 Healthy Chip Recipes


10) Baked Apple Chips from Half Squeezed Lemon

277252920781226305 AbHriGm3 c 15 Healthy Chip Recipes


11) Zucchini Chips from The Naked Kitchen

206532332882886833 cU67dBQd c 15 Healthy Chip Recipes


12) Orange Sweet Potato Baked Chips With Thyme from Cooking Melangery

201747258277471022 mJ5BOyTY c 15 Healthy Chip Recipes


13) Crispy Edamame from Allrecipes.com

235876099203295324 OS8dVrng c 15 Healthy Chip Recipes


14) Spicy Baked Flaxseed Tortilla Chips from Savory Sweet Life

6960dca3293b04722480f6e5442c6dab 15 Healthy Chip Recipes


15) Baked Butternut Squash Chips from A Couple Cooks

7b9d894fc7bfe702307afc8be1a803ce 15 Healthy Chip Recipes


For more healthy, indulgent recipe ideas check out and follow my Pinterest boards: others’ recipes & WHOLEistically Fit recipes.

To daily indulgences,


Talk to me!

  • What do you indulge in daily?
  • What are some of your favorite homemade recipes for healthy “unhealthy” dishes?

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    • Haha :). I know, me too! Though, I have a feeling that mine aren’t going to turn out even remotely as picture-pretty as these ones.

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