WIAW: Tasty Meals + “Childish” Snacks

Another WIAW is upon us! Thanks, as always, to Jenn @ Peas & Crayons for hosting and to all my fellow WIAWers for dropping by :D. I unfortunately don’t have any spooky snacks to share with you. But, I do have some links to a couple delish recipes to make up for it.


2 Eggs Over Easy + Whole Wheat Toast


Crockpot Parmesan Garlic Chicken With Orzo using this recipe from How Sweet Eats. My picture does not do this justice, but the hubs & I were getting hangry so no time for food porn worthy pics.


Chocolate Milk + Banana – I’m not gonna lie, I drink chocolate milk like a kindergartener {No Shame!}. I had some other snacks throughout the day, including some grapes and half of a PB+J sandwich (my new pre-(evening)-workout snack obsession). Hmmm, maybe I am 5 years old? No, I can’t be because 1) my PB+J wasn’t crustless and 2) a few squares of extra dark chocolate were thoroughly savored after dinner. That brings me right back to grown-up status ;).


Grilled Baja Tuna Steak Tacos [recipe]

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Have a fab day!


Talk to me!

  • What “childish” foods do you still eat regularly?
  • What spooky snacks are you cooking up or eyeing for this Halloween?

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    • Thanks! If you try them out, make sure to get good, fresh quality Albacore Tuna Steaks – that’s really what makes the dish ;).

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