WIAW: Throw Out My Near-Empty Peanut Butter Jar & This Teddy Bear Gets It!

Time for another WIAW. I hope you all caught the big announcement on Monday. Moving’s going according to plan and my husband and I are making good progress in clearing out our fridge and pantry. I am determined to use up as much of our food as possible before making the big move in early December.

Why the determination? I hate wasting food. I am the type of person that will put a jar of peanut butter back in the fridge even if there’s only a teaspoon left. This drives my husband nuts. He’s the complete opposite. He’ll throw something away if there’s still a serving or two left. Hence, I know that whatever we don’t use up, especially if it’s already open, my husband is going to want to throw out before our big move. I, on the other hand, am going to want to take everything, and I mean everything (even if there’s only a tiny bit left), with us. I’m guessing this is going to be one battle I’m not going to win. Therefore, I am on a mission to use up everything we have. I know it’s not going to be possible, but gosh darn it I’m gonna try!

Breakfast was 2 eggs over easy with a piece of toast and Mango Black Tea. I made a nice dent in the tea, but still have a lot of work ahead of me. Lunch was a Veggie Supreme Pizza made with Lightlife Gimme Lean Sausage, a lot of veggies we had stored in the freezer, and a can of black olives from the pantry. Snacks throughout the day included some lightly salted fresh tomatoes and sweet peppers with Ranch and some turkey sausages with an apple. I’ve still got a little ways to go on the Ranch, but I should be able to finish it off by the end of the week with these veggies. Dinner was Chicken Posole, aka Mexican comfort food. This was perfect for the cooler temps – yes, 64 degrees Fahrenheit is cold to a Southern Californian. ;) This made a small dent in some of the spices we have and used up a can of hominy in our cupboard. I’ve made a lot of progress, but have a lot more to go. This is my Everest!! ;)

To help clear out some things in the panty, like these Ghirardelli chocolate baking chips and oat flour, I decided to try out this Triple Chocolate Chunk Muffins recipe by Dashing Dish. I’m glad I had an excuse to make these because they taste a lot like chocolate cake. :D I had a couple of slices for dessert with a glass of milk.

That wraps up another WIAW. Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting!

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Teddy bear photo credit: Martin Burns via photopin cc

8 thoughts on “WIAW: Throw Out My Near-Empty Peanut Butter Jar & This Teddy Bear Gets It!

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  3. I can so relate to your ‘no waste’ mentality! My hubbie puts margarine containers and peanut butters jars on the side ready to throw in the bin, then I put them back in the fridge as I KNOW I’ll get at least another two scrapes out of them ;) He then wonders why the fridge is full of empty jars lol!
    Those chocolate muffins looks AMAZING! Totally scrumptious!
    Hope you’re have a wonderful weekend xx

    • Lol that’s hilarious!! Thanks so much for sharing – I’m so glad I’m not the only one with this issue. :D It gets even worse… I’m actually the exact same way with hand soap and toothpaste. I am determined to use up every last little bit of these items and my husband will just throw them out when I know I can get another 2 or 3 uses of them. Grrrrr! lol.

  4. Hi! I found your blog from A Healthy Happy Home. I have been enjoying reading through your blog and drooling over your recipes. Your recipe for triple chocolate chunk muffins looks heavenly! Good luck with your move and welcome to Northern California! I live in the Sacramento area.

    • Hi Melissa! So glad you found my blog and thanks so much for letting me know how you found it! It’s always helpful to know how people find out about it. :) Thanks so much for the well-wishes on the move and the warm welcome to NorCal!! :D

  5. Ha ha, love the teddy bear picture. You are too funny girl! I’m the same exact way as you. I absolutely HATE throwing away leftover food. I mean you paid for it, why let $$$ go to waste.

    Good luck w/ finishing up the rest of your food girl. I’ll be praying for ya haha :)

    • Thanks, Jessie! :D I really appreciate it. We’ll see how much of a dent I’m able to make in our food supply before the big move… It’s definitely going to kill if we have to end up throwing out perfectly good food (aka $$).

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