WIAW: Super Bowl Snacks

Hey everyone. Sorry about not posting yesterday. With moving into our new place and adopting our precious little Tula, it’s been crazy hectic. All focus right now is on helping Tula adjust to her new home and her new mommy and daddy. We managed to do quite a bit of unpacking on Saturday, but since I picked up Tula on Monday, it’s been all about her. Packing, furnishing, and decorating our new home will just have to wait a little. But, it’s totally fine because there will be plenty of time for that.

WHOLEistically Fit Tula 2 1024x768 WIAW: Super Bowl SnacksWe are absolutely head over heels for Tula and she is quite the little snuggle-bug. She would literally snuggle all day in my arms or in my lap if I’d let her. And, since I’m a bit of a snuggler myself, it’s that much harder to set some boundaries and get anything done. icon wink WIAW: Super Bowl Snacks

WHOLEistically Fit Tula WIAW: Super Bowl SnacksWHOLEistically Fit Tula 3 WIAW: Super Bowl SnacksYesterday I took Tula to the vet and, for the most part, it was good news. There are a couple of things we need to address and monitor but nothing too major, thank goodness. I am planning on slowly weaning her off of her current kibble onto a more nutritious one so that she can be an even healthier and stronger little doggie. If anyone has any recommendations for a good-quality dry dog food for small breeds like Tula, please let me know. I’d really appreciate it! icon smile WIAW: Super Bowl Snacks

Okay, enough about Tula (though it’s hard to get off the subject) and on to some WIAW eats – Super Bowl style.

WIAWbutton WIAW: Super Bowl Snacks
My husband and I went up to San Francisco to cheer on the 49ers with our friends. There were snacks and drinks galore, many of which were red and gold themed, naturally. Unfortunately, I don’t have the best pics because I took all of these on my husband’s iphone. But, to quote The Beatles, what I’ve got I’ll give to you. icon wink WIAW: Super Bowl Snacks

First up, we’ve got the obligatory veggie platter. Every Super Bowl party’s got to have one.

Super Bowl Snacks Veggie Platter WIAW: Super Bowl SnacksAnother Super Bowl party must – buffalo chicken wings. These are actually Buffalo Chicken Breast Bites, but it’s the same concept.

Super Bowl Snacks Buffalo Chicken Bites WIAW: Super Bowl SnacksThen, of course, there’s the salsa, guacamole, and tortilla chips. But, these aren’t just any tortilla chips, these are sweet potato tortilla chips. Nom. Nom.

Super Bowl Snacks Salsa WIAW: Super Bowl SnacksSuper Bowl Snacks Guacamole WIAW: Super Bowl SnacksSuper Bowl Snacks Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips WIAW: Super Bowl SnacksUm, you’re probably noticing by now that I didn’t remember to take pics of anything until it was practically devoured. (Whoopsie!) Unfortunately, when good food is in front of me, that’s kind of my MO. Somehow, all I want to do is dig in and taking pics doesn’t even occur to me until it’s too late.

Apparently, this happens to me with drinks too…

Super Bowl Drink Bloody Mary WIAW: Super Bowl SnacksThat is my Bloody Mary loaded with goodies (well, what’s left of it at least). I’ve mentioned before about my love affair with Bloody Mary’s, especially all of the goodies that accompany the drink. Well, my awesome and thoughtful friends got the stuff (including all the fixings) for me to have some Bloody Mary’s (red for the 49ers) on Sunday. I loved every sip of it.

Here’s the one pic to redeem myself. Hooray! I actually got a shot of these cute little homemade pizza muffin bites with fresh pizza dipping sauce before we munched them all up. (That was truly a major accomplishment.) icon wink WIAW: Super Bowl Snacks

Super Bowl Snacks Pizza Bites WIAW: Super Bowl SnacksSuper Bowl Snacks Pizza Dipping Sauce WIAW: Super Bowl SnacksAnd, this was the Super Bowl snack that completely stole the show.

Super Bowl Snacks Cupcakes WIAW: Super Bowl SnacksOur friends made these red and gold cupcakes. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, they topped it with this creamy chocolatey and coconutty frosting. I could have just ate that frosting straight it was so good, and I’m not typically a frosting kind of gal. I usually scrape off the frosting or eat around it. It’s more like an unwanted barrier between me and a delicious piece of cake. But, not this stuff. Quite the contrary.

I was excited to find out that the recipe was super simple and actually from one of my favorite blogs – Chocolate Covered Katie. It’s no wonder Katie calls it Chocolate Mousse Frosting Shots. I’ll take a shot (or two or three) of this frosting over any alcoholic beverage any day. You’ve seriously GOT to try this stuff.

Alright, that wraps up this WIAW. I apologize in advance if my posts are a little irregular for a while during this time of transition. I’ll do my best to post as much as I can.

Thanks to the lovely Jenn over at Peas & Crayons for hosting this WIAW!
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WIAW Disclaimer

12 thoughts on “WIAW: Super Bowl Snacks

    • Thanks, Laura. My husband and I are so excited to have Tula join our little family. :D The link to the recipe is in my post if you have trouble finding it.

  1. Tula is such a cutie! No wonder you can’t stop cuddling her! I wish you all the best with the move. It sounds like a fantastic place you’re moving into!
    Are CCK’s frosting shots made of chocolate cashew cream? If so, I can just imagine how beautiful they taste. I’ve been making lots of raw chocolate cashew cream cakes lately. They’re so simple and taste oh so lush! The recent heart-shaped stash have been hidden away in the freezer until Valentine’s Day ;)
    Sharon @ Bit of the Good Stuff recently posted..#WIAW – I’ll Bring the Sweet and Sour Vegetables (and recipe!)My Profile

    • No, the shots are made with full-fat coconut milk. But, chocolate cashew cream sounds awesome!! I just scoped out your recipe & MUST try it. Seriously, when are you coming out with a cookbook?! ;)

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